PRP/PRF Treatment in Bradenton

Achieve your beauty and wellness goals with our PRP/PRF treatment in Bradenton. Whether you want to say goodbye to signs of skin aging, improve the appearance of your scars, or enhance your overall wellness, we have the expertise and technology to help you achieve optimal results.

What Are PRP/PRF Treatments?

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) and Platelet-Rich Fibrin (PRF) are two substances that can be derived from a patient’s blood to promote rapid healing and encourage new cell regeneration. They are obtained by a simple blood extraction, then placing the blood sample into a centrifuge to be spun at a specific speed, depending on what is being obtained.

PRP and PRF both contain powerful growth factors beneficial for healing and regeneration, making them an ideal component of surgical procedures, facial aesthetics, and pain management. Being natural components of the human blood, it’s unlikely for a patient to experience negative side effects from the treatment. It’s also an excellent option for people looking for natural, chemical-free solutions for their specific medical issues and other concerns.

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Experience Natural, Regenerative Healing with Our PRP/PRF Treatment in Bradenton

Anti Aging & Ketamine Center specializes in PRP/PRF treatment in Bradenton to aid a variety of conditions. This popular treatment may be used for facial aesthetics, dental procedures, and other surgical procedures that need help in boosting the body’s natural healing and regenerative properties. Our experts may also recommend combining the PRP/PRF treatment in Bradenton with other procedures to maximize the results.

PRP/PRF Hair Restoration

Don’t let thinning hair affect your self-confidence. Our PRP/PRF hair restoration treatment can help you achieve fuller, thicker, and healthier hair over a series of sessions. We will inject the substance onto targeted areas to stimulate hair growth.

PRP/PRF Facial Aesthetics

PRP and PRF are widely used in facial aesthetics to enhance the skin’s natural rejuvenating properties while addressing a variety of skin conditions. This treatment can leave you with smoother, more glowing skin.

PRP/PRF Therapy for Joints

PRP and PRF therapies are beneficial for people with any kind of joint pain, from wrists and hands to hips and feet. This therapy helps in healing damaged tissue, reducing pain and restoring joint and tendon function.

Look and Feel Better with the Leading PRP/PRF Treatment in Bradenton

PRP/PRF treatments are natural and non-invasive procedures that can address a variety of concerns, from hair thinning and skin issues to joint pains. Anti Aging & Ketamine Center has been offering PRP/PRF treatment in Bradenton for many years, giving us the knowledge and expertise for every condition we may handle. If you want to book an appointment or learn more about our treatments, contact us today!

What’s the Difference Between PRP and PRF?

PRP and PRF are two different substances that are both obtained from a patient’s blood. Here are their key differences:

Separation Method

Due to the manual PRP separation process, red or white blood cells may still remain in the plasma. With PRF, the separation process is automatic and significantly slower, delivering a more pure substance than PRP.

Collection Process

When PRP is obtained from the centrifuge, it will be placed in a tube with an anticoagulant. On the other hand, PRF is an unmodified concentration as it doesn’t involve any chemical additives during the collection process.

Growth Factor Count

The number of growth factors in PRF is ten times more than in PRP.


PRF's consistency results in a slower release and distribution of growth factors than PRP, allowing the body to utilize the growth factors more efficiently.

Longevity of Results

PRF has longer-lasting functional effects than PRP. With PRF, the advantages are active for around one week, while with PRP, they are active for only about a day.

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How It Works

What to Expect from Our PRP/PRF Treatment in Bradenton

You will meet with our medical professionals in person or via telehealth for your initial appointment. They will assess your medical and surgical history, current prescriptions and supplements, allergies, past treatments, and any X-rays or MRIs that may be available. Based on their findings, our medical professional will assess if PRP/PRF treatment in Bradenton is a great option for you.

If PRF therapy or PRP under eyes an option for your illness, we will conduct a thorough assessment of the treatment areas. This examination may involve testing joints or regions of complaint for range of motion, muscle testing, orthopedic tests, reflexes, and palpation.

If additional imaging studies, such as an X-ray or an MRI, are deemed necessary, they will be requested. The medical professional will discuss your treatment options and plan, including the risks, alternatives, and benefits of PRP/PRF therapy.

Prior to your PRF treatment or PRF under eyes, you may be required to discontinue using NSAIDs such as Aleve, Ibuprofen, aspirin, and blood thinners. Before the procedure, our medical professional will review which drugs must be discontinued.

On the day of your treatment, around 30ml of blood will be extracted from your vein and centrifuged to collect the PRP or PRF. While this is taking place, the injection sites will be inspected with an ultrasound, tagged with a surgical marker, and disinfected. We may use lidocaine or cold spray to alleviate injection pain, depending on the injection site. We will ensure the precise positioning of the needle using ultrasound or fluoroscopic guidance, and once the needle is removed, a bandage is applied.

You will be given post-procedure instructions regarding scheduled follow-up appointments, medication initiation, and what to expect after an injection. Many patients can drive themselves home following their appointment, but they have the option of bringing a friend or family member.

Depending on the affected area, PRP/PRF therapy normally involves 1 to 4 injections administered every 3 to 6 weeks. Your care plan may also include therapies such as physical rehabilitation, K-laser therapy, or bracing.

PRP and PRF injections are usually not covered by medical insurance. However, the initial examination, imaging, and other procedures may be covered by your insurance. You may even be eligible to use your FSA (Flexible Savings Account) or HSA (Health Savings Account) to pay for PRP or PRF therapy or other regenerative medicine procedures.

PRP/PRF Treatments: Holistic, All-Natural Treatment for Hair Loss, Joint Pains, and Skin Problems

PRP and PRF therapies are powerful treatments that can address a wide variety of health conditions. If you want to book an appointment or learn more about these procedures, contact Anti Aging & Ketamine Center today. Let us help create a personalized treatment for your condition, and provide you with beautiful, lasting effects.

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